Ohio Swing Sets

Spring and summer are the best times to put a swing set in your backyard as they are the center of your warm weather fun. Below is a list of the swing sets that we have to offer for your families enjoyment in the backyard. We offer some of the best quality swing sets, yet still very affordable. If you see something that you like, gives us a call or email for more information. 

Swing Set Dimensions

HW20      22'x22'

HW21      24'x24'

HW22      11'x32'

HW23      16'x23'

HW24      10'x26'

Lg. Boat   19'x23'

HW4        20'x30'

HW5        12'x32'

HW6        18'x21'

HW7        16'x22'

HW8        16'x20'

HW9        12'x12'

Please allow 4' all around the base to properly putt in a play ground. Most of the swing-beams are 14' long. The HW6 is 12' long. The swing beams are included in these dimensions.



PS-20          $4465

PS-21          $4100

PS-22          $2555

PS-23          $2400

PS-24          $2275

Large Boat   $3995

PS-4            $2775

PS-5            $2445

PS-6            $1995

PS-7            $1605

PS-8            $1288

Castle          $4730

Dream Harbor- Boat & Castle attached     $9150