Pole Barns & Hybrid Buildings

All trusses are open cord design with pre-welded purlin cups that offer stability; additional stability is offered through a stabilizer bar. For stability and ease of install, standard trusses and shed trusses offer a "bolt to the post" base plate. Standard design is for 6x6 inch post. The bolt together design of the steel trusses offers versatility and durability.

Building Kit Contents:

  • Walls:Painted 40 year metal with screws.
  • Roof:Painted 40 year metal with screws.
  • Trim:Painted 40 year metal with screws, FJ, Ratguard, Corners, Dripedge, Eve trim, Gable Trim, Ridge cap,Foam closers under ridge cap.
  • Posts: 6x6 Treated Post or 8x8 Treated Post
  • Girts: 2x6 Yellow Pine #2
  • Purlins: 2x6 24" o.c. Yellow Pine #2
  • Trusses: Steel trusses 4/12 or (6/12 or 8/12 available at additional cost).
  • Overhangs: on eve's, 40 year metal with screws same as walls and roof. 
  • Vapor barrier: R-4 or (R-10, R-19 available at additional cost).


Snow Load 32 PSF, 40 PSF on 8 ft center

Wind Load 110 MPH, 140 MPH wind bracket available for additional cost.


All Kits can be customized for your needs

All Garage doors are installed by a professional door company out of Columbus, OH

Liner Panel Kits Available.

8' -- 34' Truss spacing 10' to 12' ft

36'--80' Truss spacing 10' required

50' Truss and larger require 8x8 post

Truss sizes with a 4/12 pitch

20'--34' $11.00 per ft.

36'--44' $13.00 per ft.

46'--58' $14.00 per ft.

60'--64' $19.00 per ft.

70' $24.00 per ft.

80' $25.00 per ft

For a 6/12 pitch add 15%

For a 8/12 pitch add 25%

Shed Truss (Lean-to-truss)

Up to 22ft. $11.25 per ft.

24'--26ft. $13.00 per ft.

28'--30ft. $14.00 per ft

Minimum 2-3 week lead time 

NOTE: Prices subject to change at anytime

Because the post frame Buildings can come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. There are endless ways of customizing your building. We build the Pole Barns with: 4' o.c trusses, Gable trusses with horizontal girt's, 2' o.c 2x4 purlins, 6x6 post or laminated, 1 row of 2x10 treated skirt board, 40 year warranty on metal, 17 colors to choose from, rat guard/ACQtape,ridge cap with solid closure strips, vapor barrier in roof, powder coated screws, all buildings have at least concrete cookie in bottom of hole, all post have uplift attached at the bottom, all buildings have prints, and stamped drawings are available if needed (extra).

We can come in and do your complete work or just set post, set truss, do your sheeting or just drill the holes. Whatever your need may be, we can take care of it.