Hidden Valley Storage Barns

Welcome to Hidden Valley Storage Barns, Ohio's premier storage barns. All of our storage barns listed below come standard with 4x4 pressure treated runners, 2x4 pressure treated floor joists, and our Advantech flooring with a 50 year warranty. The Garage floors are 4X4 pressure treated runners with 2X4 pressure treated floor joists; 12" on center and the Advantech flooring with a 50 year warranty. Our wall studs are 24" on center and double studded every other stud with double header plates.

We use R-10 vapor barrier under all of our roofs to help protect so it's not affected by moisture and humidity. It also forms an effective wind and vapor barrier while reducing any building condensation,  reduces heat loss in winter, and heat gain in the summer. Our metal roofs are also maintenance free, paint free, and have been proven to withstand 70 mile per hour winds.

We offer free delivery anywhere in the state of Ohio.

All of our prices below include either SMARTSIDE siding with metal roof or all metal. You may choose up to two colors on all metal buildings. Wainscoating is available on our metal buildings for $1.50 a lineal foot. We can arrange doors and windows to fit all of your needs, so please let your dealer know what you would like and we will be happy to accommodate you. Thank you in advance, from the Nissley family! We look forward to having the privilege to serve you.

We also offer the Rent to Own option on all of our buildings. NO CREDIT CHECK.





Prices for Smartside siding painted 2 colors with a metal roof or all metal includes two windows, double doors, and two lofts. The all metal buildings includes two metal colors.



8X10 $1925.00           10X26 $4195.00

8X12 $2140.00           10X28 $4375.00

8X14 $2350.00           12X14 $3195.00

8X16 $2475.00           12X16 $3400.00

10X12 $2475.00         12X18 $3750.00

10X14 $2650.00         12X20 $4075.00

10X16 $2895.00         12X22 $4400.00

10X18 $3275.00         12X24 $4650.00

10X20 $3495.00         12X26 $4950.00

10X22 $3650.00         12X28 $5195.00

10X24 $3775.00         12X30 $5500.00

12X32 $5775.00         14x32 $6775.00



10x16  $3670.00               12x16  $4410.00

10x18  $3935.00               12x18  $4620.00

10x20  $4095.00               12x20  $4935.00

10x22  $4245.00               12x22  $5250.00

10x24  $4455.00               12x24  $5515.00

10x26  $4670.00               12x26  $5775.00

10x28  $4830.00               12x28  $5985.00 







Horse – Animal Barn

Horse /Animal Barn



Comes w10x12 stall

6' Gate

8x10 Tack /Feed Room

Stall Lined w/pressure treated kick board

Feed Door

Man door w/lock & keys

40 year metal siding

choice of colors




All of our Garage floors are 4x4 pressure treated runners with 2x4 floor joists 12" on center with Advantech 50 year flooring.

Prices are for T-111 or Duratemp siding or all Metal

Wayne Dalton garage doors

10X20         $3980.00

12X20         $4500.00

12X32         $5950.00

14x32         $6950.00